Hi, this is TGGP from entitledtoanopinion.wordpress.com and I set up this site to mirror the now defunct againstpolitics.com which previously could be found at teageegeepea.tripod.com/AgainstPolitics. I have since been asked by Aschwin de Wolf, creator of the original site, to take down the mirror as that material can now be found at depressedmetabolism.com/against-politics/

You can find Max Stirner's "The Ego and Its Own" at https://teageegeepea.tripod.com/egoanditsown.html and Franz Oppenheimer's "The State" at https://teageegeepea.tripod.com/derstaat.html

Tom Wolfe's "Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers" is at https://teageegeepea.tripod.com/maumau.html

I host two essays by Frank Knight. "The Ethics of Competition" is at https://teageegeepea.tripod.com/ethicsofcompetition.html and "Ethics and the Economic Interpretation" is at https://teageegeepea.tripod.com/ethicsandtheeconomicinterpr.html

I host Robert Bloch's "The Shambles of Ed Gein" at https://teageegeepea.tripod.com/shamblesofedgein.html

I hope to put up Bertrand de Jouvenel's "On Power" online at some later date.
You can send me e-mail at aljaynock [at symbol] hotmail [dot] com